Transatlantic slavery collection

detail of painting of a man in chains

About this collection

The objects in this collection link directly to the history of transatlantic slavery. The collection includes objects which reveal Liverpool’s role in the trade, plantation life and instruments of enslavement and punishment. Through this developing collection we hope to reveal a history which has often been hidden or neglected.

Liverpool was a major slaving port and its ships and merchants dominated the transatlantic slave trade in the second half of the 18th century. The town and its inhabitants derived great civic and personal wealth from the trade which laid the foundations for the port's future growth. As such this collection reflects our understanding of the deep and permanent impact the history of transatlantic slavery has had around the world and on the city of Liverpool.

We are always looking for new objects that will enhance and expand the International Slavery Museum’s collection. Our aim is to develop a collection of local, national and international importance - to educate and to increase awareness, discussion and dialogue about this history.