New images for 2012

photo of a woman in boxing stance

Grace Brown, head of the women's boxing team in fighting form before she succumbed to a stroke and a mastectomy. She passed away at the age of 43 on 29 February 2012. Read her story on the blog.
Copyright Lee Karen Stow

One wall of the 42 exhibition was updated with new photographs in January 2012. The majority of these images were taken in September 2011, on Lee Karen Stow's most recent trip to Sierra Leone.

photo of a woman singing in a recording booth

Esther Michael Emeh, singer and student at the Ballanta Academy of Music in Freetown. The academy is currently establishing musical and educational links with colleges and music groups in the UK. Copyright Lee Karen Stow

Two of the new images were from 'Fighting for Gold', a project documenting the Women's Boxing Team of Sierra Leone. At London 2012, for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, women's boxing will be part of the tournament. Against the odds, Sierra Leone's women boxers were fighting for a chance to bring home the Gold. At the time of the exhibition, the women's boxing team had not yet been able to attract sponsorship and funding to help them reach the Olympic summer training camps.

Listen to Sarah from the Women's Boxing Team in this video by Lee Karen Stow, Fighting for Gold: