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Jon with his Uncle Hallam in East Sheen, London, 1960s. Courtesy of Jon Daniel Jon with his father and older brother Tony in Grenada. Courtesy of Jon Daniel Jon Daniel at the International Slavery Museum

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Jon Daniel was born in London in 1966, the same year that Barbados became an independent nation. 

Growing up in suburban Britain in the 1960s and 70s, Jon found that there weren’t many positive Black roles models or cultural icons to identify with. Instead he looked to the African Caribbean culture of his family, and the African American culture of the US.

"I was fortunate to have parents who saw the importance of connecting us with our family overseas. In fact, large family reunions were arranged on a regular basis in either the United States or Barbados." Jon Daniel


1990 was the 25th anniversary of the death of Malcolm X, a renowned civil rights activist in 1960s America. Many of the musicians and filmmakers that Jon looked up to were honouring his memory and the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement. A few years later in 1994, he came across a Malcolm X action figure by Olmec Toys and it sparked an interest that had been bubbling away for a while. 

Jon also discovered the Golden Legacy series which aimed to make the study of Black history enjoyable and easy. 

"Those who feature in these comic books like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass made great contributions to literature, the improvement of political and legal systems, the abolishment of slavery and greater racial equality.

Such vivid and colourful illustrations bring to life the stories of Black men and women whose achievements changed both their lives and those of generations to come. Encountering these real-life heroes inspired my collecting."
Jon Daniel

Over the next 22 years Jon's collection of comics, games and action figures featuring positive Black role models of history and fiction grew to include more than 100 pieces.

Afro Supa® Star Twins

Jon is now an award-winning independent creative director. He designed the Afro Supa Hero exhibition and has created the Afro Supa® Star Twins to accompany it. The Twins embody the values of many of his childhood heroes.

"I hope that my Afro Supa® Star Twins will inspire others in the same way that my heroes continue to inspire me." Jon Daniel

Afro Supa Star Twins ilustration

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