Take action to challenge exploitation in India

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Tackling bonded labour in India's brick kilns

Alongside government initiatives, such as multi-disciplinary Anti-Human Trafficking Units, rehabilitation and rural employment schemes, a number of organisations are addressing bonded labour in India's brick kilns, including:

  • Bandhua 1947 – a coalition of organisations pressing for more effective action.
  • International Justice Mission, part of Bandhua 1947, who work with the police to rescue bonded labourers.
  • Anti-Slavery International – whose Indian partners empower workers to band together to fight against bonded labour. They also set up vigilance committees in villages to report when bonded labour occurs.
  • Union Solidarity International – launched ‘Blood Bricks’ to highlight forced, bonded and child labour in India’s brick kilns. Workers are being organised and educated; companies challenged to improve working practices.

Take action: free a child

Help provide a quality education for children from Dalit, Tribal or other poor and oppressed communities in India. You can help to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation that makes them so vulnerable to bonded labour and other forms of modern slavery, by supporting the Dalit Freedom Network's "Free A Child" appeal.

Challenging exploitation in the cotton mills  

The Sumangali scheme is being challenged in various ways including:

Take action: make fashion traffik-free

Call on high street chains to make greater efforts to ensure that their clothes are not tainted with human trafficking by supporting the Make Fashion Traffik-Free campaign.

Make Fashion Traffik-Free is a STOP THE TRAFFIK campaign supported by Dalit Freedom Network UK. 

Breaking the chains of the Jogini system

Pratigya India, supported by Dalit Freedom Network UK, is one of the few organisations tackling the Jogini issue. 

During initial consultations, Joginis asked for:

  • An end to dedications.
  • Access to government benefits to help women leave the Jogini system.
  • Education and job opportunities for children of Joginis.
  • Homes for elderly Joginis.
  • Restoration of their dignity.

Pratigya works in 100 villages, working in conjunction with state and district government officials as well as police. They raise awareness about the law and the consequences of dedication, help Joginis access government benefits and schemes, provide vocational training and microbusiness opportunities, stop dedication ceremonies, provide basic healthcare, as well as support women who are being harassed or abused. 

Since beginning these programmes, the numbers of dedications attempted in these villages has fallen from several hundred each year to just a handful.

Take action: free a woman

Help prevent Dalit girls being forced into ritual sex slavery and help Dalit women escape this exploitation by supporting the Dalit Freedom Network's "Free A Woman" appeal.


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