Ian Berry

portrait photo of Ian Berry

© Rene Burri

Ian Berry was born in Preston, England. He first set out to South Africa aged 17. There he made his reputation as a photojournalist, working for the Daily Mail and later Drum magazine. He captured some of the country's most significant moments, recording ordinary lives in extraordinary circumstances.

Berry was the only photographer to record the massacre at Sharpeville in 1960. His photographs, some of which were shown in the exhibition, were later used in the trial proving the victim's innocence.

In 1962 Berry was invited to join the prestigious photography agency Magnum. Two years later he moved to London as the first contract photographer for the Observer Magazine. Berry returned to South Africa many times and in the 1990s recorded the collapse of apartheid and election of Nelson Mandela as South Africa's first Black President.

Berry has travelled the world documenting major social and political events. He has exhibited his work internationally and produced several books, including 'Living Apart' which accompanies this exhibition. Notable awards include the first ever Nikon Photographer of the Year and British Press Magazine Photographer of the Year.