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Shoot Nations

Young people in a changing climate

17 January to 2 August 2009

Please note that this exhibition has now closed

Abandoned car in a large field

'Stop Using Cars!' by 17 year old Lara Poroardottir from Iceland
© Lara Poroardottir, Shoot Nations

The International Slavery Museum hosted this exhibition of photographs by young people across the world.

Their powerful images highlighted the global impact of our changing environment, particularly the effects of global warming and intensive farming on the earth's natural resources.

Shoot Nations photographic competition

Shoot Nations is an annual global photographic competition open to young people between the ages of 11 and 24. The project was developed by the children's charity Plan and the photographic events company Shoot Experience.

The theme for Shoot Nations 2008 was climate change; giving young people worldwide the chance to express their views on their changing environment. The competition received more than 1,300 images from 104 countries.

Each photograph was a response to one of the following:

  • How is climate change affecting your life?
  • Act now - be the change!
  • Your world in the future.

Find out more on the Shoot Nations website

Exhibitions at the International Slavery Museum

This was the first in a series of temporary exhibitions taking a closer look at issues highlighted in the museum galleries - from global inequalities to racism, discrimination and identity.

The museum actively campaigns against all forms of contemporary racism, discrimination, slavery and bonded labour. It is an active museum, not a neutral one.

If you feel inspired by anything you see or experience at the International Slavery Museum please let us know.

photo of water drops falling from a hand

'Each drop is important for us...' © Shoot Nations

The children's charity Plan

Founded seventy years ago, Plan is one of the largest child-centred community development organisations in the world. It is active in 62 countries on projects that address the causes of poverty and its impacts on children.

Plan works throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. It aims to make its work sustainable and outlive its direct involvement. By making a commitment to support communities for ten to fifteen years, it helps children and adults break the cycle of poverty.

Education is central to Plan's programmes. One key aim is to link people across the world to build a better future together.

Plan has 117,000 sponsors in the UK and more than one million sponsored children worldwide. For every one child sponsored, at least nine other people benefit. It runs over 5,000 projects and believes in empowering communities to improve their own lives.

Find out more on the Plan website.

The photographic events company Shoot Experience

Shoot Experience produce interactive photography events, competitions, workshops and courses. They connect together places, people and ideas, encouraging thousands of ordinary and extraordinary people to take to the streets to shoot photos.

Using photography and audience participation, the projects open participants' eyes to their surroundings. They fuse together art, culture, photography and lots of fun.

Shoot Experience also represent photographers and sell royalty-free photos. They produce photography workshops at beginner and intermediate levels, and run corporate team building activities.

Find out more on the Shoot Experience website.