About slavery

Bonded child labourer behind a loom

Bonded child labourer in India behind a loom.
Courtesy of Athar Khan.

Contemporary slavery

Contemporary slavery explores the legacy of historic slavery and the context in which people across the world continue to be enslaved today. It also gives explanations of the different forms of slavery in Britain and across the world, and explains its role in the production of many everyday products.

Outlawing slavery

Outlawing slavery gives a timeline of the international conventions and human rights legislation that have been adopted in the last 100 years in order to bring to an end the many forms of slavery that persisted.

Combating slavery

Combating slavery draws lessons from yesterday's abolitionists to today's campaigners, who are using many different tactics and strategies to end contemporary slavery.

Products of slavery map

The products of slavery map (pdf) gives a vivid picture of how slavery is involved in the production and supply of a wide range of goods that are produced and sold all over the world.