Lesson plans

Photograph of pupils learning about slavery

Pupils from Hope Academy, Merseyside learning about slavery using this resource. Courtesy of Pete Carr, on behalf of National Museums Liverpool.

Aims of lessons

The aims of the lessons set out in this section are to:

  • give students access to knowledge about contemporary slavery
  • encourage them to debate the issues so that they can form their own attitudes and bring their values to bear on such discussions, and
  • develop their skills in planning social action.

The lesson plans

There are five structured lesson plans:

The lesson plans are aimed at mixed ability classes and are designed to be interactive. The lessons encourage all pupils to participate, working in pairs and groups, and also provide opportunities for them to make and justify individual statements. Use your judgement as a teacher to adapt and differentiate the plans as necessary to suit the needs and strengths of your class. Within the plans for both key stages, active citizenship is emphasised. Pupils are encouraged to plan meaningful action for social change.

The lessons have been designed on the assumption that a session will be roughly one hour but you may need to adapt the lessons to meet your time constraints. If so, please prioritise and ensure that you allot sufficient time to the most important aspects.

Supporting worksheets, case studies and more

Some of the lessons use worksheets and case studies: