Advertisement for runaways

This is the text from the advertisement for runaways from the Barbados Mercury, Saturday 7 January 1797 shown on the Resistance and freedom page.

"Runaway from the subscriber, a likely mulatto girl, named Betsey-Ann. Whoever will apprehend and lodger in the Cage, or deliver her to the subscriber, or to Mr Jacob West in St. Thomas's parish, shall receive Six Dollars reward, and whoever will give information of her being harboured by any white or free person, shall be entitled to one half of whatever can be recovered by law. She is supposed to be harboured at Mr. Samuel Hackett's in Black Rock, or at Thorp's estate. Masters of vessels are forbid taking her off the island, and if she returns home of her own accord she shall be pardoned. ANN HACKETT.

Runaway from the subscribers, a tall thin, black skin woman, named Abigail, has lost one of her fore teeth and is a little hard of hearing, she is well known in town and country, being accustomed to carry about goods for sale. Whoever will deliver the said woman at the estate of John Lane, esq; called Black Rock, or lodge her in the Cage, giving information thereof, shall receive six dollars, and any person who will give information of her being harboured by any white or free coloured person, shall be further rewarded with Five Pounds on full conviction of such offender. ELIZABETH BURKE.

All Masters of vessels are desired to be conscious of the above woman."