Jessups II artefacts

A copper alloy button, tobacco pipe bowl, and pewter utensil handle found in shovel-test-pits at Jessups II

The 93 STPs at Jessups II yielded a wide-range of artefacts related to 18th and 19th century domestic activities. A total of 2003 artefacts were found, including fragments of pottery (n=1182), glass vessels (n=277), tobacco pipes (n=39), brick, architectural slate, nails, and one gunflint and one lead gun shot were recovered from the pits. No animal bones were recovered from Jessups II. As at New River, many more artefacts were recovered per pit from the later village than the earlier village.

Wine bottle sherd recovered from Jessups II

58 percent of the total pottery assemblage (n=1182) was comprised of locally-produced Afro-Caribbean coarse earthenware sherds (n=681). Eight sherds were identified as bowls and the remaining 1176 sherds were unidentifiable utilitarian forms.

Rim fragment from an Afro-Caribbean ceramic bowl excavated from Jessups II

The remaining pottery (n=501) represent costly pottery imported from the UK and Continental Europe, including North Midlands Slipware (n=24) and delftware and other tin-enamelled wares (n=15) to creamware (n=110), pearlware (n=198) and whiteware (n=38). These costly imported wares ranged in form from tablewares and teawares to storage vessels. Utilitarian vessels made in British stoneware also comprise 5% of the pottery from Jessups II.

Examples of imported European and Chinese ceramics excavated at Jessups II