New River II artefacts

Afro-Caribbean ceramic found at the New River II village

A total of 902 artefacts were recovered from the 20 STPs excavated at New River II. These 20 STPs represent only a small portion of the 19th-century village and the large quantity of artefacts recovered from such a small sample suggests that the 19th-century village may contain many more artefacts per STP than the 18th-century village.

51.5% (n=464) of the assemblage consists of pottery. Eight percent (n=72) of the assemblage was comprised on glass wine, case, and pharmaceutical bottles. Only two pieces of glass were definitively identified as having come from a drinking glass and glass tableware. Unlike New River I, only one percent of the assemblage (n=12) was made up of imported tobacco pipes. Nineteen percent (n=174) of the assemblage was architectural in nature and consisted of hand-made bricks, brick/daub, mortar, and nails. One domestic pig bone, one large, unspecified mammal bone, and marine shell were found at New River II.

Sponge-decorated whiteware recovered from New River II village. Sponge decoration on whiteware dates between 1820 and 1930

Of the 464 pottery sherds, 61.8% (n=287) were Afro-Caribbean pottery produced either on Nevis or surrounding islands. The second and third most common ware-types were whiteware (17%) and pearlware (6%), both pottery types that were produced in Europe during the first half of the 19th century. Unlike New River I, only a few pieces of high-style, imported 18th-century pottery was excavated from New River II.