The Spring Estate, St Kitts

Located in the Parish of St Mary Cayon on the north-east coast of St Kitts, The Spring Estate was in existence by at least 1750. At that time, when the property was mortgaged, it was described as consisting of over 168 acres and was worked by "130 negro and other slaves" (St Kitts Common Records Book H, No.4, 1833, fol.326). The slave village is depicted on the 1828 McMahon map of the island. In 1832, when The Spring was merged with a neighbouring property, the names of 77 enslaved men, women, and children were listed on the deed of sale.

Today crumbling remains of the great house, cistern, windmill, and sugar works are visible. Archaeological research in 2008 located the slave village and revealed that much of it had eroded down the mountain since the abandonment of the village in the mid 19th century.