Slavery Remembrance Day events 2005

Angus Chukuemaka at pier head

Chief Angus Chukuemaka offers the libation. © Mealeys photography

The programme of events for 2005 included:

  • Slavery Remembrance Day memorial lecture. African-American journalist and author Michael Cottman gave an insight into the history of the Henrietta Marie, a shipwrecked slave ship. Michael, who has conducted extensive research into the ship including dives to the wreck site, unveiled a fascinating tale spanning three continents and many years.
  • Remembrance service at Liverpool parish church (St Nicholas). People of all faiths came together to remember the victims of the transatlantic slave trade and affirm their commitment to human rights and social justice for all. The service included a performance by the gospel group Urban Voice.
  • Commemorative events at Pier Head. Chief Angus Chukuemaka opened the afternoon's events at the waterfront with a libation, or offering of atonement, as part of a ceremony given in both English and Swahili. This was followed by a range of thrilling performances and speeches at Pier Head, including:
    • 'The Overcoming' - a musical and visual installation by Tribal Soul Arts
    • narratives from the slave trade performed by young local actors Jasmine Joel, Julian Gill and Zain Falim
    • the River Niger Orchestra and gospel group Urban Voice
    • an evening guided ghost walk around the Albert Dock, with spine-chilling tales of murder and mystery on the high seas