Slavery Remembrance Day events 2006

Ma Ma Dou drums with child

African drumming with Ma Ma Dou © Jean-Pierre Magloire 2006

In a change from previous years the 2006 libation took place at Otterspool promenade, south Liverpool, not at Pier Head. The programme of events included:

  • Slavery Remembrance Day memorial lecture. Ekow Eshun, writer, broadcaster and the Artistic Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, gave a lecture focusing on his book 'Black Gold of the Sun', and the legacy of slavery through contemporary art and culture.
  • Interfaith church service at Liverpool parish church (St Nicholas). A church service for people of all faiths to remember the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and affirm their commitment to human rights and social justice for all. The service included a special drama performance by Liverpool Community Spirit.
  • Commemorative events at Otterspool Promenade. The afternoon's events included:
    • from 12 noon: Cultural food activities in the marquee. A taste of traditional African and Caribbean food. Activities for children included arts and crafts, a chance to dress up in traditional Ghanaian and Nigerian costume, musical instruments to play and mask-making. In the marquee visitors could explore artefacts from the transatlantic  slave trade and learn more about the International Slavery Museum.
    • 1pm: Libation on the waterfront. Chief Angus Chukuemeka led a libation, joined by community and civic leaders from Merseyside. This traditional African ceremony calls on the ancestors to bless the event. The offering of libation involves the pouring of liquid, which can be water or wine, in a special pattern, while homage is paid to the ancestors.
    • from 1.30pm: Events in the marquee. An afternoon of music and drama including special performances from local actors, poets and musicians, plus childrens activities. Traditional arts and crafts.

Ekow Eshun

Ekow Eshun giving the memorial lecture © Jean-Pierre Magloire 2006