Slavery Remembrance Day events 2008

Details of 2008's programme of commemorative events, which took place at locations across Liverpool and a downloadable pdf of the Slavery Remembrance Day 2008 leaflet are below.

  • download Slavery Remembrance Day 2008 leaflet [pdf version 1225kb]

Sankofa bird

Sankofa: This is a mythical bird that flies forwards while looking backwards with an egg (symbolising the future) in its mouth. Sankofa teaches us that we must go back to our roots in order to move forward.

Events programme

Slavery Remembrance Day memorial lecture

Thursday 21 August 2008, 5.30pm at Liverpool Town Hall

This year's lecture was given by the British poet, playwright and author, Lemn Sissay. Known for performances of his poetry with jazz fusion groups, Lemn's TV appearances range from 'The South Bank Show' to the BBC's hit series 'Grumpy Old Men', where he is the youngest contributor.

Multi-faith act of reflection

Saturday 23 August 2008, 10.45am at Our Lady and St Nicholas church

A church service for people of all faiths to remember the victims of the transatlantic slave trade and affirm commitment to human rights and social justice for all.

Commemorative events at Otterspool Promenade

Saturday 23 August 2008, 12noon-3pm

An afternoon of events at Otterspool promenade, south Liverpool. 

Events at Otterspool included:

  • 12 noon: Cultural food and activities in the marquee. A wide variety of traditional African and Caribbean food, with family activities.
  • 1pm: Libation on the waterfront. Chief Angus Chukuemeka and community leaders took part in this traditional African ceremony which calls on the ancestors to bless the event. The offering of libation involves the pouring of liquid, which can be water or wine, in a special pattern, while homage is paid to the ancestors.
  • 1.30-3pm: Events in the marquee. An afternoon of exciting music and drama performances showcasing Black culture and heritage. The performers included Liverpool's Sense of Sound, - previously seen on the BBC's 'Last Choir Standing', poet Curtis Watt, rapper Kof, Merseyside Dance Initiative African Caribbean Youth Dance Group, Kevin Harvey and SuAndi and Daniel Tzegay.