Games & Quizzes

Fish olympics

Fish Olympics

Which fish will win our Fish Olympics for speed, eating, hiding and distance?

Fish olympics

Sunbeams and sundials

How do sundials work? What causes the seasons to change? Learn more.

Emigrants at Liverpool


Advise a family about emigrating in 1858 and test your own skills.

Escape from the mummy's tomb

Be an explorer

Can you collect objects and escape safely?

Word search

Find the bugs

Find the bugs in our word search.

Cotton pickin' bugs

Cotton pickin' bugs

Splat the bugs before they get your crop!

Molly longlegs jigsaw

Online jigsaws

Jigsaws of Molly Longlegs, Henry VII and the Beatles!

Insects feeding


Test your knowledge of insects!

Look out! Protect the plants from predators

Look out!

Can you protect plants from their predators? You'll need to be quick!

Bootle Blitz


The Liverpool Blitz in the Second World War, hour by hour.

Portrait detectives

Portrait detectives

Investigate the hidden clues of portraits

Crackers the crab

Talking heads

If people in portraits could speak- what would they say?