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Shadow puppets

Shadow puppet

Colour in your shadow puppet. Choose from:

  • Rama, the king (pdf) is the hero and leading figure of this story. He is the eldest son of the king but gave up his right to the throne when his father had to choose between Rama and his half brother. Rama chose exile and went to live in the forest for fourteen years with his wife Sinta.
  • Sinta, the princess (pdf) is the beautiful wife of Rama who also went to live in the forest for fourteen years. While she was in the forest she was kidnapped by the evil Rahwana.
  • Rahwana (pdf) the demon king. He kidnapped Sinta from the forest by pretending to be a poor hermit. He is a giant with several heads, arms and legs.
  • Hanoman, the monkey (pdf) is the monkey warrior who helped Rama find and rescue his wife Sinta from the demon king Rahwana.