Chinese collection

Item LL 6000

Accession no: LL 6000
Object type: Ceramic
Name: Figure of Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy)
Materials: Stoneware with enamel on biscuit decoration
Place made: China
Date made: Ming Dynasty, Chenghua, 1484 AD
Measurements: H. 140 cm, W. 73.3 cm, D. 48 cm

Description: Figure of Guanyin, with an inscription on this sculpture, telling us that it was the gift of a man named Dang and his wife Chong, dedicated on an auspicious mid-autumn day in 1484 under the supervision of the priest Daoji. It belongs to a group of at least four different figures from the same unknown northern Chinese temple, all dedicated on the same occasion and inscribed with the marker’s name, Liu Zhen. The group, now split up between various British museums, appears to have been taken from China in the 1930s, when the 2nd Viscount Leverhulme acquired the Guanyin.

Bought from John Sparks, c. 1937; loans to the Trustees by the 2nd Viscount Leverhulme, 1939; gifted to the Lady Lever Art Gallery by the 3rd Viscount Leverhulme, 1980. Curator’s Report to the Trustees of June 1939 in the LLAG archives.

N. Pearce, “A Group of Chinese Stoneware Buddhist Sculptures Reunited”. Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society, Vol. 58 (1993-1994), 1995, pp.37-50, Figure 2.