Chinese collection

Item LL 6439

Accession no: LL 6439
Object type: Ceramic
Name: Kendi
Materials: Porcelain with underglaze blue decoration
Place made: Jingdezhen, China
Date made: Ming Dynasty, Wanli (1573-1620 AD), early 17th Century
Measurements: H. 18.7 cm, DB. 14.5 cm

Description: Kendi with globular stem, mammiform spout, tall neck spreading out at the top, and contracted mouth. Coarsely painted in greyish blue. On the sides, four panels of growing flowers with pendent ornaments between and ju-i head under the spout. On the shoulder, fret pattern interrupted by panels of blossoms. Stiff leaves on the neck.

R. L. Hobson, Chinese Porcelain and Wedgwood Pottery with Other Works of Ceramic Art, London: B. T. Batsford, Ltd., 1928, No. 20.