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Must-see paintings in our Main Hall

Our Main Hall is full of paintings by some of the most important artists of the Victorian period. From the Pre-Raphaelites to Lord Leighton, discover some of the beautiful works on display. 

             Close up of a Pre-Raphaelite woman dressed in green|             A man dressed in a red robe and a woman dressed in white|             An ancient Greek procession.|

           The Blessed Damozel|          Cymon and Iphigenia|            The Daphnephoria|

             A man in a black uniform embracing a woman in white|             Woman holding an an open book looking down on a man|             Gregory-Boulter's-Lock,-sunday-afternoon|

        The Black Brunswickers|       The Beguiling of Merlin|              Boulter's Lock|

             A boy in a cap lying on a rock by a river|            A little girl holding up a white frock|             A group of choristers singing at sunrise|

                On his holidays|                      The New Frock|                       May Morning|