Wax Modelling

Wax model of Endymion

Wax model of Endymion|

This wax model of Endymion| made in Rome in 1788 by Camillo Pacetti (1758?-1826) copies a relief in the Capitoline Museum, and depicts Endymion asleep. His dog barks to awake him at the approach of the goddess Diana, but she has put a spell on him so that she can steal a kiss without his knowledge. Wedgwood was so worried about losing the wax models in transit through shipwreck that he had moulds taken from them and sent by a different ship. The finished jasper follows the details of the wax with great accuracy.

The jasper vase below is decorated with the twelve classical gods|. The original wax model for them is also in the Lady Lever collection, and was made in Rome in 1790 by Giuseppe Angelini (1742-1811), copying the reliefs on an ancient well-head.

The inkstand below is of the red stoneware which Wedgwood named 'rosso antico' (ancient red)|. He made very little of it, because he knew that many other potters could imitate it easily. Wedgwood relied on his reputation of making different goods from other potters in order to maintain his price levels, which were higher than theirs. Most Wedgwood 'rosso antico' dates from after Josiah's death.