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Introductory tour of the Lady Lever Art Gallery

Key facts

  • Suitable for: Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post 16, Post 18
  • Subjects: Art and design, English, History
  • Session type: Gallery led
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Class size (maximum): 30
  • Venue: Lady Lever Art Gallery
  • Free


The tour begins with a warm welcome to the Lady Lever Art Gallery. For students who have never visited an art gallery or museum before there is discussion about what they expect to see during their visit, why we create galleries and an opportunity for them to ask questions.

Following this brief introduction we go on an interactive and lively tour to explore the fascinating collections of William Hesketh Lever and the gallery architecture. 

Further details

Lever’s early collecting is explained by exploring some of his ‘Sunlight soap’ paintings. Lever was also a keen supporter of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and collected many of their works. We take a closer look at some of the works by Sir John Everett Millais and explore Victorian paintings by other artists. We also investigate his collection of sculpture and furniture  and discuss materials and skills used to create the works of art.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

Pupils will:

  • Why we have collections of these objects.
  • Why we cannot touch or play with these objects
  • Learn about who Lord Leverhulme was, what he created and how it influenced the  local and wider community
  • Explore the architecture of the building
  • Discover how Lever used artwork to advertise his soap products
  • Find out about different types of paintings and objects and their different styles


Pupils will:

  • Develop observation skills by learning to look more closely at images and objects.
  • Improve their speaking and listening skills in a group discussion context
  • Learn how to identify different materials used in works of art and other objects
  • Learn to give reasoned answers backed up by evidence


Pupils will be introduced to:

  • Why we collect objects
  • The social norms of the Victorian and Edwardian era and how they contrast to today
  • The role of a national gallery like the Lady Lever Art Gallery


Pupils will:

  • Enjoy a focused visit to the gallery
  • Be inspired to create art work back at class/ at home
  • Be confident at identifying images and objects
  • See the Lady Lever Art Gallery as creative place to visit.