Our venues

Autism-friendly learning sessions


We welcome children and adults with autism in our museums and galleries. 

Autism TogetherWe have been working with Autism Together to develop skills to make our venues more autism-friendly. 

Please be aware that for everyone’s safety we have a fire alarm system in place in all our museums and galleries. In the event of the alarm going off there will unavoidably be a loud noise. Staff will let you know where to go to feel safe. 

Quiet mornings

We are running a series of mornings which are aimed at supporting the needs of people with autism. They are times when the venues are open as usual but at quieter times. You do not need to book. If we are running any workshops or activities details are given with the dates below and these will take place in less crowded spaces.


Big Art for Little Artists, Walker Art Gallery

Sunday 23 April 10am-12noon

Sunday 28 May 10am-12noon

Sunday 25 June 10am-12noon

The Big Art for Little Artists gallery is for early years and children under five. It will be open for a quiet morning 10am to 12 noon. Between 10.30-11.30am you can join us for fun interactive exploration of the Big Art for Little Artists gallery and a choice of craft activities. This is also a chance to meet other parents for a cuppa and a chat.

See access information for Walker Art Gallery.

World Museum

Sunday 30 April, 10am-12noon

World Museum will be open for a quiet morning between these times.

Visitors can take part in the following workshop between 10.30 and 11.30am:

  • Exploring rock pools: Come and meet our rock pool animals and find out about how they survive in their sea side home. Find out about all kinds of animals living in UK waters and how you can find out who’s living on your local beach. This is an informal drop in session suitable for all ages.

See our autism-friendly guide to World Museum (pdf) which has photos of spaces inside and outside the Museum, along with useful information. 

Museum of Liverpool

Sunday 28 May, 10am-12 noon

The Museum of Liverpool will be open for a quiet morning between these times.

World Museum

Sunday 25 June, 10am-12 noon

World Museum will be open for a quiet morning between these times.

Visitors can take part in a workshop between 10.30 and 11.30am.

Visiting us at other times

Visitors with autism are welcome in our museums and galleries at all times but sometimes the museums and galleries can be noisy. Quieter times include:

  • 2.30-5pm on weekdays during school term times. This is because the venues become quieter after school groups have left.
  • 10am-12noon on Sunday mornings.

You may wish to avoid times when museums and galleries can be particularly crowded and noisy. These times include: 

  • weekends
  • school holidays
  • bank holidays
  • when big events are happening in the city centre or at a particular museum or gallery.

School programme

Our learning sessions are accessible for schools, educational and community groups including young people with autism. These sessions need to be booked and it is important that you inform us at the time of booking how many autistic people are in your group and tell us about any particular needs.