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National Museums Liverpool welcomes home educators and we are piloting a series of sessions which are aimed at supporting the needs of home educating families and groups.

These sessions are all free but they do need to be booked in advance to make sure that we can accommodate your group.

To reserve a place on any of the dates listed below please complete a booking form.

Everyday life in West Africa 

  • International Slavery Museum
  • Monday 19 September, 10.15am, 1.15pm - these sessions are now both fully booked.
  • 90 minute session for ages 5-12
  • Maximum 30 participants (including adults)

Come along to learn about West African art and culture. Get hands-on with our handling objects, spend time on gallery sketching objects from West Africa, have a go at our activity trail, and create colourful crafts inspired by our collections.

This session involves being able to sit quietly and listen to instructions. It also involves hands-on exploration of objects, drawing, sketching, cutting, sticking and colouring.

Also available: You can also explore the International Slavery Museum with our downloadable Human Rights trail (pdf).

Titanic - voyage of discovery

  • Merseyside Maritime Museum
  • Wednesday 12 October, 10.15am, 11.30am, 1.15pm - these sessions are now all fully booked.
  • 60 minute session for ages 5-12 
  • Maximum 30 participants (including adults)

Find out more about this infamous ship and the disaster that led to her sinking in our hands-on workshop. This session includes replica objects, dressing up, craft and discussion.

If very young siblings will be accompanying older children, please let us know in advance so that appropriate toys and quieter feeding areas can be arranged.

Also available: Download worksheets for the Titanic and Liverpool exhibition before your visit from the Titanic worksheets page. 

Growing up in the 1960s

  • Museum of Liverpool
  • Wednesday 2 November, 10.15am, 11.30am, 1.15pm
  • 60 minute session for ages 5-12 

Find out was it was like growing up in the 1960s through authentic costume, objects and music. Explore 1960s fashion, leisure, school and home.

This session involves being able to sit quietly and listen to information and handle objects and craft materials with care.

Baby toys can be provided for younger siblings accompanying older children.

Also available: Combine this session with a self led visit to the Wondrous Place and The Peoples Republic galleries for a further look at Liverpool’s musical and social history.

Javanese shadow puppets

  • World Museum
  • Wednesday 23 November, 10.15am, 11.15am, 1.15pm
  • 45 minute session for key stage 2 children
  • Maximum 30 participants (including adults)

What are shadow puppets and how do they work? Join our workshop to find out about these traditional Indonesian toys and make your own shadow puppet to take home.

This session involves being able to sit quietly and listen to instructions. It also involves cutting, sticking, colouring.

Also available: Combine this session with a self led visit to the shadow puppet collections in the Asia section of the World Cultures gallery and displays in the Weston Discovery Centre.

Little smugglebusters

  • Seized! gallery at Merseyside Maritime Museum
  • Wednesday 14 December, 10.15am, 11.15am (the 1.15pm session is now fully booked)
  • 45 minute session for key stage 1 and 2 children
  • Maximum 30 participants (including adults)

Visitors to the museum can become custom officers for a while, checking luggage with the help of Sniffer the dog, learning about smugglers and objects that people hide in their cases. There is time for play and to create a passport to help you on your travels.

This session involves being able to sit quietly and listen to instructions. It also involves hands-on exploration of objects, drawing/sketching. Baby play area provided.

Also available: You can also explore the Seized! gallery with our downloadable trail (pdf).

Also available

If you don't want to book a session you can also use these resources when you visit.