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Take One Picture


The Take One Picture scheme is part of an annual collaboration with Edge Hill University and the National Gallery, London. Through a placement at the gallery, trainee teachers develop the skills to use a painting as a basis for a classroom cross-curricular project.

Later in the year they return to the gallery with their class and do follow-up activities at school. We run an evening event where the teachers can share their learning and the work their classes have produced. Finally a showcase of the work produced by the children goes on display in the gallery, for everyone to enjoy. This is a great opportunity for both the children and the trainee teachers as they get a chance to have a painting on show or work on display in a national gallery.

Each class takes inspiration from a pre-determined picture in the Walker’s collection. From a shared starting point, such as ' Springtime in Eskdale' or ' Echo and Narcissus' , an incredible variety of materials, approaches and subject areas are covered. Some use the artwork to inspire creative writing, poetry or music while others focus on science and geography. Some create abstract art, taking inspiration from a painting’s colours, textures or the painter’s technique, while others concentrate on literal interpretations and themes.

If you are a teacher and would like to find out more about how our galleries and museums, can use our collections to enhance lesson plans as a springboard for creative learning, please call us on 0151 478 4788.