Our venues

Inspiring spaces

boy listening to a large shell in the museum

Image © Mark McNulty

Our museums and galleries have a fantastic array of inspiring and practical spaces to help to make learning fun! Please let the bookings team know in advance if you are interested in using a particular space during your visit.

Younger children

At the Walker Art Gallery we have a dedicated children’s gallery. Big Art for Little Artists introduces children to art through fun activities, books, jigsaws and computers. It is suitable for children up to and including the age of eight and is a great way to get them thinking about our fabulous paintings.

Young visitors will also enjoy the Sea Urchins early years area at Merseyside Maritime Museum. If you’re down at the dock, you can also book a visit to Little Liverpool at the Museum of Liverpool. This hands-on fantasy world is especially for children under the age of six to play and learn. It offers young visitors a range of interesting ways to create their own Liverpool, including a wet-play area based on the Liverpool docks.

Interactive centres

Some of the best learning takes place through exploration and hands-on activity. Over the years we have pioneered the development of interactive centres offering opportunities to get close to our collections.

At World Museum you can get hands-on with our humanities collections in the Weston Discovery Centre and our science collections in the Clore Natural History Centre, the Bug House and the Aquarium. There is also the Treasure House Theatre, where museum demonstrators tell the stories about items from our collections. In the Planetarium our specially written shows will take you through space and time to learn about the universe.

More places to explore

Lady Lever Art Gallery has its own Activity Rooms, designed as places where children can create, explore with inspiration from the collection.

At Sudley House, children will enjoy the Childhood and Small World rooms, to find out about life for children of the past, plus toys old and new.

Not forgetting lunchtime!

Most of our museums and galleries have spaces where children can enjoy their lunch in between activities (at a set time). However, the lunch rooms do get booked up quickly, so it is really important you remember to book in advance - contact us for further details.