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Temporary displays: Liverpool shipping companies

The history of the Port of Liverpool is reflected by that of city’s famous shipping companies, which were recognised across the globe. The Maritime Archives and Library seeks to record and preserve the history of the ship owners of Liverpool, large and small, and the seafarers, passengers, dock and office workers who kept the great system of maritime commerce working.  

Visitors to the museum can see special displays from our shipping companies archives in the cabinets by the entrance to the Maritime Archives and Library on the second floor of the museum. The current display features items relating to Cunard staff, as part of Merseyside Maritime Museum's activities highlighting Cunard's 175th anniversary.

Online exhibitions

archive team photo of football team on the deck of a ship

The football team of the Canadian Pacific liner 'SS Duchess of Richmond' with the Mercantile Marine football trophy, 1931 (detail). Reference: SAS/23A/12/1

Have a look at some of the treasures from the archives in this series of themed online exhibitions.

There is also a series of themed online exhibitions from the Stewart Bale collection

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