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Liverpool and the American Civil War

Temporary displays

Visitors to the museum can see special displays of topical and unusual archive material in the cabinets by the entrance to the Maritime Archives and Library on the second floor of the museum.

The current displayabout  Fraser, Trenholm and the end of the American Civil War  is part our Liverpool and the American Civil War programme of special displays, running from 2011 to 2015. 

CSS Alabama

Did you know that 19 June 2014 was the 150th anniversary of the sinking of the infamous Confederate raider 'CSS Alabama'? Find out more about the story of this Mersey built ship and  check out images from the archives collection such as rare archive photographs taken on board and letters from the ship's captain along with a discharge certificate belonging to George Freemantle, the Quartermaster on 'CSS Alabama'.  

The end of the American Civil War

Did you know that the last surrender of the American Civil War occurred here in Liverpool? Although the last battle of the American Civil War was at Palmito Ranch in May 1865, the last Confederate surrender occurred in Liverpool on 6 November 1865, when the Confederate warship 'CSS Shenandoah' surrendered at the Pier Head, Liverpool. During 1864-1865 the 'Shenandoah' had captured, sunk or bonded 38 Union merchant vessels, mostly Union whaling ships, and was also responsible for firing the last shot of the American Civil War at a whaler off the Aleutian Islands in June 1865.  Find out more about the surrender of the Shenandoah at Liverpool.  

Online exhibitions

archive team photo of football team on the deck of a ship

The football team of the Canadian Pacific liner 'SS Duchess of Richmond' with the Mercantile Marine football trophy, 1931 (detail). Reference: SAS/23A/12/1

Have a look at some of the treasures from the archives in this series of themed online exhibitions.

There is also a series of themed online exhibitions from the Stewart Bale collection

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