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The main bulk of the Sea Charts Collection is in the form of unbound miscellaneous Admiralty Charts (various 1810-1970).  Also included is a large selection of local charts of Liverpool Bay 1764-1980, miscellaneous charts and a world-wide collection of bound Admiralty Charts in the records of the Liverpool Underwriters Association (D/LUA).  These are held at our reserve store, so please telephone in advance for an appointment.

Local Sea Charts 

Chart of River Mersey and Dee, n.d., c.1700, by Gerard van Keulen, Amsterdam

Liverpool Harbour, 1764, facsimile from 1931 lithograph

Harbour of Liverpool, 1813, George Thomas, R.N.

Chart of Liverpool Bay, 1829,  Lieutenant Thomas Evans, R.N.

Approaches to Liverpool, 1845

Liverpool Bay, 1884, G.H. Hills, R.N.

Liverpool Bay, 1895, Liverpool Printing & Stationary Co.

Irish Sea Fishing Chart: Liverpool Bay to Dublin and North Channel, 1979

The Maritime Archives & Library also holds an extensive collection of MDHB River Mersey Surveys, 1836-1969 and MDHB Surveys of Liverpool Bay, 1846-1957 (please see Information Sheet 37: River Mersey Surveys).

World-wide miscellaneous charts

Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic, 16th Century Parchment Chart (on display in the Transatlantic Slavery Gallery) Ireland (c.1700),

French Navigational Chart (Sea Charts Drawer 1)

Great Britain's Coastal Pilot, 1756 Edition,

Greenville Collins North American Pilot - Atlas of Charts, 1794-1800, including loose map of Jamaica and chart of Atlantic, Africa and Caribbean (OA/1866) (Fragile)

Mogg's Map of Steam Navigation, 1837,

Britain & Northern Europe (Sea Charts Drawer 1)

Indian Ocean, Cape of Good Hope & China, 1853, published by order of the Right Hon. East India Company

Second World War German Kriegsmarine Naval Chart, 1944,

West Coast of Norway (Sea Charts Drawer 1)

River Hooghly - Sandheads to Howrah Bridge, 1946 Bound) (Admiralty Charts Drawer)

Pilot Charts of the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, global, 1941-1972 (D/LRNS) (U.S. Navy Charts Drawer)

Other Collections

The Upper Mersey Navigation Commission (UMNC) Charts, 1870-1970 (these are held at our reserve store, so please telephone in advance for an appointment)

Liverpool Nautical Research Society, local charts and various facsimiles can be found in D/LRNS/13 (Sea Charts, Maps and Plans) .C. Woods Collection

Lighthouses, Telegraph Stations & Buoys

Part of the MDHB Collection, it includes plans and architectural drawings of Bidston Observatory and Lighthouse (Drawer 151), Hoylake and West Kirby Lighthouse (Drawer 147), Point Lynas Lighthouse (Drawer 144), South Stack Lighthouse (Drawer 143), Hilbre Island (Drawer 145) and various lighthouses and telegraph stations (unlisted).

Reference works: Maritime Archives and Library

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MORRIS, Lewis.  Plans in St. George's Channel .  1987.221.MOR.

Lloyd's Maritime Atlas , 19th Edition.  1997.010.LLO.

Reference: Guide to the Records of the Merseyside Maritime Museum , Vol. 2, ch. 9, p. 176, Charts.  1999.

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