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Liverpool town maps and regional district maps

Sheet number 46

Miscellaneous Town Maps and Plans

Map of Liverpool Dock, 1725, Chadwick (Drawer 119) (Fragile)

Map of Old Dock, 1765, T. Lightoller (Fragile)

Liverpool, 1769, George Perry (Framed)

Map of Liverpool Docks, 1800, W. Jessop

Liverpool, 1803, R. Horwood, 6 Sections (Drawer Z/F3)

Liverpool and Environs, 1816, J. Sheriff (Drawer Z/F3)

Liverpool, 1836, M. Gage (Drawer Z/F3)

Panorama of Liverpool, 1847, Ackermann (Drawer Z/F3)

Panorama of Dale Street, 1850 (LCHS) (Drawer Z/F3)

Liverpool, 1851 (with vignette of Customs House, Sailor's Home and St. George's Hall), J Rapkin (DX/265)

MDHB town maps and plans(Folded Mezz Row B)

Philip's Trigonometrical Plan of the Town and Port of Liverpool, 1858 (Fragile)

Philip's New Map of Liverpool & its Environs, 1881 (Fragile)

Philip's Plan of Liverpool & the Adjoining Cheshire Coast, 1884

Philip's Map of the Environs of Liverpool from the Ordnance Survey, 1887

W.H. Smith & Sons Plan of Liverpool, c.1890-1900

Philip's New Plan of Greater Liverpool Showing the Extension of the Borough, c.1900

Pharus Map of Greater Liverpool with Street Index, c.1910

Philip's Map of Greater Liverpool with Street Index, c.1912

Map of the Borough of Bootle (Ordnance Survey), 1937

Other regional maps

Map of Lancashire, 1818, Greenwood

Regional Ordnance Survey Maps

Lancashire and Cheshire. 1845-1882: OS 6 inch to 1 mile: Q/125

MDHB and Hydraulic Power Company Plans, 1850-1920: Q/122-124

Liverpool, 1849: OS 5ft to 1 mile (SCW)

MDHB Town Plans(Unfolded Drawer 120)

Birkenhead and Wallasey


Facsimile maps, views and photographs can be found in the Scouse Packets Collection, 1725-1885, and the E.C. Woods Collection.

Reference works: Maritime Archives & Library

Old Ordnance Survey Maps - Bootle Docks & Seaforth, 1907, 010.BOO/PM

Maps and their Makers - An Introduction to the History of Cartography, 1966, 220.CRO/R

A Map of the County of Lancashire, 1786, reprinted in facsimile with an introduction by J.B. Harley, 1968, 710.YAT

The Liverpool Guide - including a Sketch of the Environs with a Map of the Town, 1796, facsimile edition, 1974, 710.MOS

Liverpool Street Names, a selection compiled by Thomas Lloyd Jones, Liverpool, 1981, 710.LLO/PM

HINDLE, Paul.  Maps for Local History.  London, 1988, 010.HIN.

AUGHTON, Peter.  Liverpool - A Peoples History.  1996, 710.AUG.

Liverpool Record Office Publications

A Map of the Church of England Parishes in Liverpool and District, c.1900- The Parish information is dated c1900 and has been superimposed onto Philip's Map of Greater Liverpool, dated 1921.  The map is intended to be of use and interest to local and family historians.

A Handlist of Church of England Parish Records has been produced to accompany the map.  As well as listing deposited parish registers, it provides background information and lists churches by date of consecration and by district.

Please contact the following for further details:

Liverpool Record Office and Local Studies Service Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool   L3 8EW

Tel: 0151 233 5817

Fax: 0151 233 5824



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