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Liverpool Mersey Docks and Harbour Board Dock Plans

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This section is one of the largest in the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board (MDHB) archive, containing some 30,000 drawings, ranging from Timothy Lightoller's plan of 1765 to drawings of the Seaforth Dock.  The plans are mainly derived from the Engineer's Department and include Ordnance Survey and other published maps used or adapted for MDHB use.  The collection includes specially drawn plans of the North and South Dock systems, the Birkenhead Dock system, engineering and architectural drawings of docks, buildings, fittings, machinery and plant.  It also includes works and projects of other port developments in Britain and therefore contains drawings and plans of other ports acquired or made for comparison.  Problems include the large size and poor condition of many of the plans and the inclusion of many schemes and proposals that were never carried out.

As the collection is still being sorted, a selection of plans and drawings covering the development of the port have been identified and highlighted for use for research purposes.

Liverpool Dock Estate Plans (Drawer 185)

Liverpool Docks, 1825: Jessie Hartley (black & white)

Liverpool Docks, 1830: Jessie Hartley (colour)

The Mersey, Birkenhead & Liverpool Docks: Charts & Plans, 1843-1857 (fragile, Folded-Mezz Row B)

Liverpool Docks, 1846: Jessie Hartley (colour)

Table of Liverpool Docks, 1848 (colour)

Liverpool & Birkenhead Docks, 1858 (Folded-Mezz Row B)

Liverpool Docks, 1859 (showing original coastline) (colour)

Liverpool Docks, 1862 (Traffic Manager's Office (black & white)

Liverpool Docks, 1872 (Folded-Mezz Row B)

Liverpool Docks, 1879/1880 (black & white)

Liverpool Docks / Proposed Overhead Railway, 1885 (colour)

Liverpool Docks, 1890 (black & white)

Liverpool Docks, 1896 (colour)

Liverpool Docks, 1900 (black & white)

Liverpool & Birkenhead Docks, 1902 (Folded - Mezz Row B)

Liverpool Docks, 1904 (black & white) 1905 (colour)

Liverpool Docks, 1960 (black & white)

Birkenhead Dock Estate Plans (Drawer 185)

Liverpool & Birkenhead Docks, 1863 (black & white)

Birkenhead Docks, 1879 (black & white)

Birkenhead Docks, 1888 (black & white)

Birkenhead Docks, 1890 (black & white)

Birkenhead Docks, 1894 (black & white) 1895 (colour) 1896 (colour)

Birkenhead Docks, 1900 (black & white) 1901 (colour)

Birkenhead Docks, 1904 (colour) 1905 (colour)

Birkenhead Docks, 1930 (colour)

Birkenhead Docks, 1960 (black & white)

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