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Reserve store collections

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The Archives Department is responsible for a number of collections that range from the business records of local manufacturers to local societies, research collections and includes the records of our parent organisation National Museums Liverpool.  These are stored at the Reserve Store, North Street (off Dale Street, Liverpool).  Originally a warehouse owned by Liverpool Brewer, Higson's, the Reserve Store is open strictly by advance appointment.  Some maritime collections are also located at the Reserve Store, but the bulk of these are held at the Maritime Archives and Library, based at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Albert Dock.


Family collections

§  The Bryson Collection, 1753-c.1960

§  The Danson Collection, c.1595-1978

§  The Cobham Family Collection, 1863-1868

Business and other records

§  E.H. Baker & Sons, Handcart Builders, 1931-1983

§  A.W. Boyd, Local Naturalist, 1825-1972

§  The Braby Group, Drum Manufacturers, 1934-1978

§  E.N. Clay, Goldbeater, 1707-1970

§  Alsop, Wilkinson (Solicitors), 1845-1915

§  Turner & Dunnet, Commercial Stationers, c.1895

§  Ayrton Saunders & Co., Ltd., 1885-1986

§  British Insulated Callenders Cables, plc (BICC), 1856-1997

§  Joseph Heap & Sons Ltd., Rice Millers, 1900-1974

§  Hill Dickinson (Solicitors), 1925-1967

§  Hygena Ltd., Kitchen Designers, 1960-1978

§  W. Johansen, Wheelwright and Blacksmith, c.1950-c.1980

§  Liverpool Hydraulic Power Co., 1887-1970

§  Meccano Ltd., 1908-1980

§  Merseyside Left / Unity Theatre, 1937-1987

§  Radcliffe Evans, Local Businessman, 1884-1935

§  Railway Signal Co., Ltd., Signal Makers, 1886-1950

§  Ben Shaw (1907-1986), 1957-1986

§  W.E. Shepherd, Pharmacist, 1869-1968

§  Various Trade Union Records, 1872-1986

§  Tate & Lyle Co., Ltd., Sugar Refiners, 1920-1959

§  Vulcan Foundry Co., Ltd., Locomotive Production, 1857-1995

§  Wingrove & Rogers Ltd., Electrical Engineers, 1915-1986

§  King's Liverpool Regiment (under the care of the Regional History Department)

§ Jones Burton & Co., Ltd., Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, c.1930-1940

§  Francis Morton & Co., Ltd., Engineers, 1848-1992

§  Roby & Utley (Rainhill), Brass Founders, 1829-1977

§  Keizer Venesta Ltd., Carvers and Guilders, 1903-1964

§  Liverpool Warehousing Co., Ltd., 1895-1983

§  Liverpool Grain Storage & Transit Co., Ltd., 1883-1988

§  Williamson, Milligan & Co., Merchants, 1846-1886

§  William Lowe & Sons (Grain) Ltd., Grain Merchants, 1848-1957

§  H.C. Hawley & Co., Merchants and Exporters, c.1832-1980

National Museums Liverpool specialisms

§  National Museums Liverpool, 1849-present day

§  M. Henderson, Naturalist, 1936-1968

§  Liverpool Geological Society, 1859-1990

§  Liverpool Naturalists' Field Club, 1864-1982

§  Liverpool University School of Hygiene, Department Records, 1851-1972

§  T.W. William, Naturalist, 1893-1976

Maritime archives located at the Reserve Store include Mersey Docks and Harbour Board material (although the bulk is in the Maritime Archives & Library), and include dock operational records, for example, dock registers, committee papers and financial records.

N.B.  Much of this material is unlisted.  Please contact the Archivist for advice.


Guide to the collections of Merseyside Maritime Museum, Vols. I & II.  Details available upon request.


§  Search Room

§  Business Library

§  Photocopying Service

§  Plan and Photograph Reprographic Service

Advice and information

Enquiries can be made by letter, telephone, fax and email.  We may not be able to answer all enquiries, but will endeavour to point you in the right direction.

We are able to provide copies of material where they are suitable to be copied (items are copied at the Archivist's discretion).  This is subject to charges to cover copying and handling.


To ensure the continued preservation of the items in its care National Museums Liverpool asks visitors to observe the Search Room regulations (see the Maritime Archives section of this website). Copies of the regulations are also available for reference, upon request.

An adult must accompany children under the age of sixteen.

Access and opening times

Collection access is closed at present.  Access is strictly by appointment, please contact the Archivist to book an appointment.

Times can be booked between 10.30am and 4pm.  We are closed between 12.30-1.30pm for lunch. 

There is no disabled access in North Street as the Search Room is reached by two flights of stairs.  Alternative access arrangements could be made in certain circumstances.


The Curator of Archives
Merseyside Maritime Museum
Albert Dock
Liverpool   L3 4AQ
Tel: 0151 478 4407

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