The Dashwood-Howard collection

'Jo' Dashwood-Howard sitting in an armchair with a cat, surrounded by maritime memorabilia including paintings and a red ensign flag

The Dashwood-Howard maritime collection is one of the jewels of the museum. Of particular note are the ships in bottles.

Arthur George Maltravers ('Jo') Dashwood-Howard was born in Middlesex in 1911. He entered the Nautical College, Pangbourne in Berkshire in 1925 before going on to join Liverpool shipping company T and J Brocklebank as a cadet in 1929. 'Jo' left the sea in 1936 to pursue a career ashore, but continued his interest in seafarers' crafts by collecting and making ships in bottles. 

He had started the hobby whilst still in his teens and pursued it intensively for the rest of his life. As well as ships in bottles, he mastered many crafts including wool pictures, decorative rope work and scrimshaw work (carving and colouring shells and ivory). He also developed an important maritime collection, of which his extensive collection of ships in bottles forms a major part. 

Following Dashwood-Howard's death in 1998 the majority of his collection was donated, as he had wished, to Merseyside Maritime Museum.