Technical details of the Edmund Gardner

pilot cutter ship in dry dock

View of after starboard side

The Edmund Gardner is built of riveted steel and powered by two six cylinder single acting 640bhp National diesel engines which together drive a generator for the electric propulsion motor attached to the single propeller shaft. Both engines together could give her a speed of 14 knots, but she usually operated while on station with one engine shut down for economy and maintenance. She is equipped with Kelvin Hughes radar type 7/12, Marconi ‘Corvette’ VHF radio and a Marconi Radio Telephone.


The ship has accommodation on board for a crew of 54, consisting of a master, second master, chief engineer, second engineer, 2 greasers, 5 galley crew, 11 apprentice pilots and up to 32 pilots

pilot cutter ship in dry dock, seen from below

View of stem and fore quarter from dry dock floor


  • Length overall 54.1m
  • Length (bp) 50.5m
  • Breadth 9.6m
  • Depth 4.4m
  • Draught forward 3.1m
  • Draught aft 3.7m
  • Displacement (loaded) 768.36 tonnes
  • Deadweight (mass of cargo) 109.62 tonnes
  • Gross registered tonnage 701tons (70100 cubic feet)
  • Net registered tonnage 202.5tons (20250 cubic feet)
  • Maximum accommodation 57 people
  • Watertight bulkheads 5
  • Call sign GRCX
  • Official number 185476
  • Boats (motor) 2 x 5.8m
  • Boats (oar) 2 x 8.2m
  • Liferafts 1 x 20 men, 1 x 10 men

Build details

Ordered by the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board, Liverpool, in July 1951. Launched 9 July 1953 and handed over 2 December 1953. Cost of build:

  • contract price £189,230
  • extras £4,186
  • increased costs £16,457
  • deck stiffening £89 (for the Admiralty)
  • profit £1,114
  • additions to the contract price £2,061
  • additions to profit £3,243