Boat deck

view of lifeboats in hoists on the deck of the ship

Also from the bridge, if you look in the opposite direction towards the stern (the back of the ship) you can see the boat deck. This deck is dominated by the funnel, with the whistle on top, the main mast, the ship’s radio aerial running between the masts, plus various vents and fans to ventilate the lower decks.

Two boats can be seen on the port side of the boat deck. During the Edmund Gardner’s working life there would have been two more on the starboard side as well. The yellow boat closest to the bridge is a motor launch, also known as a punt, which would have been used to transport the pilots to other ships. The punt is stowed in davits, with an electric winch to lower it into the water. Behind the punt is a white lifeboat.

The Edmund Gardner originally had wooden boats but these have been taken off and stored. The replacements on display are fibreglass replicas, which lessens maintenance. This is an important consideration given the exposed position on the banks of the river Mersey.