Engine room

view of large engines and technical equipment in a narrow internal space

View of the engines

The Edmund Gardner is a diesel electric ship. Two 640bhp National diesel engines drive generators to provide power to a propulsion motor, this electric motor drives the propeller. Using both engines would give the ship a top speed of 14 knots (16 miles per hour). Generally on station only one engine would be required.

Electrical power is also provided for auxiliary machinery, steering gear, pumps, heating, lighting and ventilation, all of which are controlled from the engine room.

An engineer would be on watch at all times in the engine room, with a greaser to assist him. The engineering crew had similar accommodation to the galley crew, including cabins, a mess room and washroom facilities, on the other side of the ship. On the deck below is the apprentices accommodation.

Propellor shaft (on the left) and engine room equipment (on the right)