Pantry and galley

kitchen  area with food and a water boiler

A view through the serving hatch into the pantry

Meals for the whole crew were cooked in the galley and served from the adjoining pantry, located next to the saloon on the port side. The galley staff were the only people in regular contact with everybody on board, as the rest of the crew were separated into different mess rooms and accommodation and worked varying shifts, so they were an important source of news and gossip.

The cook, assisted by two galley boys, originally prepared food using a coal fired cooker. This was replaced by a bottled gas cooker in the mid 1970s, which was later superseded by an electric oven. The pantry was staffed by the steward and mess boy. It contains an electric oven to keep meals warm, an electric water boiler and plenty of storage space for cutlery, cups and plates.

The oven in the galley