Elder Dempster Line 'To and from West Africa'

Odin Rosenvinge, 1914 - 1939


About this object

Odin Rosenvinge was one of the leading marine artists and lived and worked in Liverpool. He was employed by the printing firm Turner and Dunnett Ltd, London, whose clients included all major shipping companies.
Bright colours and the African design influenced border of this poster show the inspiration Rosenvinge gained during his travels to the Middle East and Africa.
Speed, safety and the size of the ship became the most important considerations for potential passengers. In order to convey this, artists exaggerated proportions and started showing vessels from a low viewpoint to reflect the size and speed.

Object specifics

  • Other title(s)
    Elder-Dempster Line poster; Elder Dempster Line poster; Elder Dempster Line ' To and from West Africa'
  • Artist(s)
    Odin Rosenvinge (British: English, born:1880, died:1957)
    Turner and Dunnett Lithographs (born:unknown, died:unknown)
  • Date
    1914 - 1939
  • Materials
    Paper; Lithography
  • Measurements
    990 x 610 mm
  • Physical description
    Elder Dempster Line Poster, colour lithograph. Inscribed 'Elder Dempster Lines / To and from / WEST AFRICA / ELDER DEMPSTER AND CO., LIMITED / Colonial House Water Street, LIVERPOOL'. Depicts liner steaming towards foreground, surrounded by African influenced boarder. Printed by Turner and Dunnett Ltd, London.
  • Related people
    Elder Dempster Lines Ltd (); Odin Rosenvinge (Artist/maker); Turner and Dunnett Lithographs (Artist/maker)
  • Credit line
    Purchased from Christies, London, 2005
  • Location
    Merseyside Maritime Museum, Ground Floor, Quayside Gallery
  • Collection
    From the Merseyside Maritime Museum collections
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