1940s wartime house

Roleplayer in 1940s costume at the Piermaster's House
24 May 2003 - 31 Dec 2004
Free exhibition, no booking required

To complement the Spirit of the Blitz exhibition at Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Piermaster's House was transformed into a wartime house, with its taped-up windows and period furnishings. The waterfront house captured the atmosphere of the war years when Liverpool faced daily bombing. Everyday household items ranging from home-preserved food to make-do-and-mend clothes reflected the days of shortages and rationing.

The house included original period furniture and evocative possessions like gas-masks, ration books and a radio playing 1940s dance music. The children's bedroom showed the overcrowded nature of many homes when relatives and friends came to stay after being bombed out. One bed was made up so that two children could sleep 'top to tail'. A tiny front garden was filled with freshly-planted vegetables to boost meagre rations. The house was brought to life by role players including an ARP warden, complete with bicycle!