Veiled warriors

woman dressed as a wartime nurse bandaging a soldier
11 Jun 2014
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Free drop-in event, no need to book

The true story of allied nursing in the First World War

Although allied nurses were admired in their own time for their altruism and courage, their image was distorted by the lens of popular mythology. They came to be seen as self-sacrificing heroines, romantic foils to the male combatant and doctors' handmaidens, rather than being appreciated as trained professionals performing significant work in their own right.

In this free talk Professor Christine Hallett, University of Manchester, will challenge these myths to reveal the true story. Drawing upon evidence from archives across the world, she will describe nurses' wartime experiences and give a clear appraisal of their work and its contribution to the allied cause between 1914 and 1918, on both the Western and the Eastern Fronts.

This event is part of our Maritime Spring lecture programme event series.