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Albert Dock

Ken Martin

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Transcript for Ken Martin

The proposal in the late 60s and 70s was to demolish the Albert Dock and build a large, what they called an Aquarius City, a series of towers not unlike the ones they have built north of Pier Head and the council was very keen on getting development in Liverpool, the point was there were other sites that they could build them. There was plenty of empty sites and other places to build. But the Albert Dock was very run down and derelict, and rather a sad place really, it had lost its purpose. But it had great potential for the polytechnic because the polytechnic needed sites because education was increasing. Not the whole of the poly would have come here, just parts of it. But we also advocated a maritime museum, which did eventually happen and shops and even a Jessie Hartley pub, I've got a lovely drawing of a Jessie Hartley pub I proposed in the far corner.