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Coronation Gardens

Colin Drakefield

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Transcript for Colin Drakefield

Colin: "It used to be packed in the summer. You’d get a lot of office workers in there having their dinner, shop workers and we used to go there when we were kids. I remember when you used to go in, the pelargoniums, what you call the geraniums, you could smell them as soon as you walked in because there were that many of them. The beds were packed with the geraniums and we used to see the blokes doing them and cutting the grass. You used to go there of a night, of a weekend and sometimes people would stay there overnight if they missed the bus because you didn’t have any night service bus services you see. You’d find them sleeping drunk on the benches or they’d be at the Pier Head and if they missed the last bus they’d sleep in the bus station."

Interviewer: "Can you remember when it was that Coronation Gardens went?"

Colin: "Well that went when they developed it for the bus station and the hotel, the Holiday Inn."