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Seaman's Dispensary

Dave Owen

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Transcript for Dave Owen

As a young man, we had to sow our seeds abroad, usually Japan and Indonesia. We used to have checkups to make sure that we were okay down below, so we used to have a check up in Singapore and then, when we'd get to Port Sweatmill we'd get the results, which was either positive or negative. If it was negative there was hoops of laughter, got away with it lads! But when we got home, to Liverpool, we had to go down to see Dr Ross and he was in a clinic at the bottom of Paradise Street. I used to go in there, surreptitiously would go in there thinking "I hope no one's watching me, because I know I'm okay, I'm just going because the Blue Funnel insisted!" that you had an all clear, before you went on the next ship. So we'd go in there, and we'd do the business. And usually as soon as we got off the ship, we'd go and visit him and make sure that everything was alright. I'm seventy now so Im okay, I don't think I caught anything seriously.