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St Luke's Church

Stephen Wolstenholme

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Transcript for Stephen Wolstenholme

This bombed out church on this corner again was another landmark, you’d look up Renshaw Street and it’d be there at the head. I remember it being just a shell. I never went to look inside it but it was obvious it was just a shell. I gather it was left like that after war damage, almost as a memorial as it were and it’s quite amazing that it was left intact and it wasn’t either restored or demolished. It was a reminder of just what a toll Liverpool took in the blitz and the war. Looking back I now realise that when I was in Liverpool the war seemed years and years ago, and yet the evidence of it was still there in terms of corners of terrace rows of houses missing where a bomb had struck, and there’d been no reconstruction, or vacant plots of land that hadn’t been developed. Now as I’m reaching the age of 60 I realise that 1957, when I went to Liverpool aged four, wasn’t actually such a long time after the end of the war, but to me it was a historic event that had no relevance at all. Yet the impact of it on the city was still felt then I think.