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St George's Hall

Stephen Wolstenholme

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Transcript for Stephen Wolstenholme

St George’s Hall was terribly black and sooty and in all the years that I lived in Liverpool, between the 50s till the early 70s, I never went in St George’s Hall, I didn’t know what happened inside St George’s Hall and you weren’t allowed in. I’d heard stories that there was a marvellous mosaic floor that had once been open to the public. But it was something you saw and it was a tremendous scale and very dirty looking, as all the buildings were, but it wasn’t something that nowadays you’d go into and admire and know how a remarkable young architect built that building and died young and left that great classical monument. It was just part of grimy, black, sooty Liverpool. All the buildings were black, they didn’t have that creamy colour they have now and that was just normal.