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Clayton Square

Stephen Wolstenholme

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Transcript for Stephen Wolstenholme

Certainly I remember Clayton Square, which had Owen Owen’s opposite it. These areas weren’t pedestrianised and Clayton Square was famous for a cinema that specialised in what we might say now as adult films and I think it was called the Jacey. Now this was very embarrassing because my family were a very strong Christian family and this cinema would have these posters and titles of films which, I’m sure nowadays would be regarded as pretty mild, but in those days they were the equivalent of pornography. At Christmas you’d get the odd mixture of the Christmas crib and the celebration of the birth of Christ in Clayton Square with the Christmas tree and behind it the cinema for men in dirty old macs and that certainly is one of the memories I have of Clayton Square. Of course the Square was totally destroyed because it was demolished and eventually made into a shopping centre and a pedestrianised road but certainly when I remembered it in the 1960s and 70s the road it had was open to traffic and it still was a square with buildings around it.