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The Pier Head

Eric Bird and George O'Reilly

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Transcript for Eric Bird and George O'Reilly

Eric: "Well that was for the buses, you know like Rose Street is now, well can you imagine Pier Head full of trams and buses and trams as well. I mean all these streets all had tram tracks up them, coming up Lord Street and Church Street, tram tracks coming up."

Geotge: "There used to be a kiosk at the Pier Head, not down on the landing stage but before you went on to the slopes to go down there used to be a kiosk there, so a few of us would, after the pubs shut we’d go down to the Pier Head and hang around the kiosk having a cup of tea or coffee, all chatting and what not and then the buses used to go, the last bus was at 12 o'clock midnight, so therefore we’d all get on our own trams or buses home, so it was alright."