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Salthouse Dock

Pat Moran

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Transcript for Pat Moran

The Duke’s Crown, in the days that The Duke’s Crown, in the days that we’re talking about Guinness did not travel well and directly opposite The Duke’s Crown was where the Guinness ships used to dock bringing bulk Guinness in from Dublin in large containers, large drums. It was made considerably stronger in Dublin; it was brewed because it lost strength in transit. They used to roll a barrel across the Dock Road to The Duke’s Crown, Ma Cunningham’s was The Duke’s Crown, and she would leave it settling for a few days and then it was ready to drink and it was like drinking nectar, ambrosia, nectar; it was beautiful stuff. But it took about 20 minutes to draw a pint, so you went in and she’d always have about 12 or 14 pints in various stages of being drawn and you’d get about two inches in and the rest of it would be froth and she’d leave that and she’d do another one and by that time this one had settled down a bit so she put a bit more in and a bit more in and it took about 20 minutes to draw a pint of Guinness.