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Mapping Memory National Museums Liverpool

St John's Beacon

Archive footage

Courtesy of Angus Tilston

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Transcript for Archive footage

There was another towering building under construction, the beacon over the new St John's shopping precinct which was built on the site of the old St John's market. The tower was needed as a floo for ventilation and waste gases to escape, it seemed a sensible idea to make use of the tower and build a restaurant and viewing platform on the top. There was a fad throughout the world to build towers with restaurants on the top, Liverpool now had its own luxury restaurant three hundred feet high. Usually revolving once every hour. You had a sense of floating on air as you enjoyed your meal, only one problem, when you wanted the gents it had moved. The view was magnificent on a clear day, with the city from docks to suburbs revealed beneath you, you could even see North Wales. It wasn't long before it was named the toffee apple by the Liverpool locals.