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The Pier Head

George O'Reilly and Eric Bird

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Transcript for George O'Reilly and Eric Bird

Eric: "Pier Head is altered so dramatically that you can’t believe what was there but they had a speaker, like a speaker’s corner like in Hyde Park, that was speakers corner so every Sunday there’d be people down there spreading the gospel, and other people and it was a meeting place. I mean Pier Head was the meeting place, it was where people hopped off a bus and met people and got off a bus and then."

George: "Pensioners would go and sit down there for the afternoon because there were park benches set around and gardens and what not, it was nice."

Eric: "It didn’t involve me at the time but apparently at the Pier Head there was a WVS shelter and the pensioners could go down to the WVS shelter and have a cup of coffee and a sandwich."

Interviewer: "Do you know where that might have been?"

Eric: "Just literally at the Pier Head... I don’t know exactly where but it would be but somewhere opposite the Dock offices, a WVS shelter."

Interviewer: "What did WVS stand for?"

Eric: "Women’s Voluntary Service."